There’s SOMETHING in my studio 💀

Well Hello!

Are you feeling the creative urge lately? I’ve finished a few paintings and my creepy and silly paper-mache sculpture. That’s Lurk, he’s a lurker…

One Crazy Idea

Then, I had the wild idea to put together a Christmas/Holiday capsule collection of a few things featuring my art.

Have I actually made that art? NO!

But I can say I’ve started it now (barely LOL) and I’m already thinking it’s going to be a Winter Collection instead of holiday so there’s a little breathing room there. It’s still early days and may even change color scheme by the time we’re done.

It’s a challenge and sounds like fun so let’s see how it goes! I’ll keep you posted…

What are you making? Hit reply and let me know!

Shine Your Light!


PS You have the permission you need to create! I’ve got your permission slip right here 😍

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