You know you want one…😍

Hi There!

How are you? Have you been making things? I’ve been circling around the various works in progress going on here in the studio and even started something else. I’m the poster child for “Starting Stuff” 🤣 And, I finished it too: I made a zine and sent them to their new homes!

What’s a Zine?

I think of them as expressive ways to communicate on a small, intimate and hand-made scale. Generally, they’re self-published, limited edition publications with a strong DIY aesthetic: unpolished and immediate. Here’s a good concise description from The Bindery. What I like best: there are literally no rules!

Thoughts on Creativity

Being this was my first ever zine, there were issues – of course! It’s part of learning something new and the exploration that comes with that. Let’s just say that copy machine operation is NOT as straight forward as I thought!

I made this version by hand drawing and coloring the cover, drawing and writing the bits on the interior, and then collaging it all together into the master pages to copy. Once the copies were made, I bound and numbered them. This edition has some fun bonus pattern papers to pull out and use.

Create All the Things!


PS The #CreativityExchange – is On!

I’ve sent several envelopes of creative goodies to “VR” and “JD” and “B” with an assortment of things from my studio. It’s my mission for you to create something of your own – something you might not have made otherwise and that you’re glad you made. That’s it, that’s all, mission accomplished. 

  • You choose what you create! It’s up to you but I’d love to see you pick something a little (or if you’re all in – a lot!) past your comfort zone.
  • You only have to share it with me by email or you can share it more widely – totally up to you. You KEEP your thing – sharing electronically is enough.
  • There is no cost or fee – this is a co-creation and collaboration.
  • You have to BEGIN! I have lots of lovely creations here waiting to find you – just pick your creative project and get started.

That’s all there is to it! Do something creative – especially something a little past your comfort edge – share that you’ve done it and I’ll send you something I’ve made. Read more about how it works here.

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