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Gnome Craft – In My Garden!

I took a little break from finishing up the latest book, Let’s Crochet! and did something completely different. This is a little gnome doll made with a wire armature body and wool felt clothing. He posed in my potted plant

and then had to take a stroll in the garden.

The inspiration was a book called The Gnome Craft Book” by Thomas and Petra Berger. I found it at my local library and thought it looked interesting. Turns out it was first published in Dutch and translated into English. That explains a lot.

It’s not like the craft books we’re accustomed to. There are lots of techniques and the authors assume that readers know how to do quite a few different things from knitting and embroidery to simple wood carving and wire work. Even the little fellow here would have been quite difficult if I hadn’t already known how to make wire armature dolls and had the proper tools.

The dolls eventually suggest their names but he doesn’t have one yet. Any suggestions?

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Everyone Needs a Little Whimsy in Their Life

Happy Holidays All! We are settling in for our Christmas break and I am working on a variety of projects, and nursing an unpleasant cold as well, and thought to share one of my gifts with you. This was from a good friend who knows me well. I was so excited that I actually jumped up and down. It is a kit for a miniature fairyland forest. Look here to see the product information. It even comes with the little fairy house!

This is a perfect gift and shows how well my friend knows me as the fairies have camped in my garden this past summer. Here is a picture of the camp among the flowers. You can just see the rosemary on the little bed and the wee fire pit is ready for the evening fire.

Another bit of whimsy in my life is the WhimpleTree Bunny Cottage. While it is still in progress, the outside is not painted yet and some niceties inside are missing, the residents seem happy with it. Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are hand made, to scale, bunnies living in this one twelfth scale doll house. The furniture and decorations are moved and varied with the seasons – and Mrs. Bunny’s whims!

Here is Mrs. Bunny downstairs with the Christmas tree and other decorations. The table base is a tree stump sculpted out of Creative Paperclay and then painted and sealed. The stove is from a kit and there are crocheted and tatted rugs on the floors. Mrs. Bunny really likes her cast iron stove and she has a sewing machine upstairs.

Because it is the holidays, Mr. Bunny felt that the outside of the house should be a little more festive. Here he is on the front porch with the wreath and garlands he put up.

There are quite a few more things to do in addition to painting the outside of the house. The Bunnies would like a comfy couch downstairs, Mr. Bunny’s garden is not finished, they might like some clothes, and not to mention all the accessories that make a house a home, but they seem happy in the meantime so it will be an enjoyable process to complete and furnish the house.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of a whimsical diversion. Now, back to all the projects waiting!