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Swimming in Numbers: A Girls Bookkeeping Voyage

Full Sail Silhouette

True Story: Jen Landis

Today’s True Story is from Jen Landis who enthusiastically volunteered to share her experiences with business record keeping. Jen is the head girl at PinCurl Girls where she draws on her MFA and her experiences with the education process. As Jen tells it, PinCurl Girls “encourages girls to avoid self-doubt by looking for happiness, expressing their artistic talents and believing in themselves by thinking positive thoughts.” Continue reading Swimming in Numbers: A Girls Bookkeeping Voyage

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Bookkeeping Training Wheels for Your Creative Business

Remember when you learned to ride a bike? Those training wheels sure helped didn’t they? They made you feel more secure and kept you upright a few times. They gave you a simple, secure place to start riding your bike. Let’s put some training wheels on your bookkeeping system and get you started with a simple paper system! Continue reading Bookkeeping Training Wheels for Your Creative Business

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The Ant and the Grasshopper Guide to Recordkeeping

The Fables of Aesop

(Answers to the Pop Quizzes are in the comments.)

Bugs in Business

Once upon a time there was an aunt, no, not that kind, a little black ant with six legs and three body segments (Pop Quiz: name them!) and her name was Althea. Now, Althea was a very industrious ant, as most of them are, and had started her own business catering lunch to the other ants as they worked in the fields and picnic sites. Every day, she packed teeny tiny sandwiches, chips and fruit bits into minuscule baskets to take to the ant workers.

Around the same fields and picnic sites, there was a grasshopper named Gordon who had started a little thing on the side. He serenaded the picnic tables with his repertoire of covers of those great summer songs like “Good Vibrations” and “Soak up the Sun.” Gordon was very good at singing and the patrons paid well for him to move along to the next table. (Second Pop Quiz: how do grasshoppers make their song?) Continue reading The Ant and the Grasshopper Guide to Recordkeeping

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Fear and Figures

Free mixed numbers texture for layers
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There are lots of great sources of information and help out there on marketing and branding and building websites and blogging. But, not too many are digging into the nitty gritty of … (ominous pause) …The Numbers.

Why? Because there’s a dark aura of fear and anxiety surrounding accounting and money matters.

The Number Whisperer

There’s a perception that being a number whisperer is the result of specialized training in remote camps in the dark and foreboding countryside and that veterans of the experience are given to talking in strange tongues (with acronyms like EBITDA, ROI and NPV) intelligible only to their cohorts.

Don’t Fear the Figures

Spot on branding, top notch marketing and a killer website are flamboyant super spies right now but don’t underestimate the stealthy undercover agents of solid business management and accounting. They’ve got your back and the hottest strategies in the web-o-sphere won’t go far if you can’t make any sense of your results.

Take charge of your numbers (unless you’re an Arithmophobe) and wring the useful information out of them. If your figures are starting to whisper among themselves and scowl in your direction, let me help. I’ll whisper them into shape and have them happily doing as you wish.

How are your numbers behaving and what do you think about it? Let me know in a note or the comments, your experience is important to me.