Paying attention to detail
Creative Commons License photo credit: Unhindered by Talent

In the last post we touched on fear of numbers. Not in a panic stricken phobic kind of way, but more like an avoiding them until they’re way past their expiration date kind of way. Taylor Lindstrom had a great guest post at Copyblogger on asking for help where she admits to her fear of finances so you’re not alone.

One Good Thing

The one thing I want you to know about your business numbers is that they’re information. Precious and useful information that, when decoded, will lead you to the path of profitability and peace of mind with sparkles of light spinning about you. (Well, not really on that last bit, but it’s fun to imagine.)

Murder by Numbers

Here’s a bonus secret about numbers that they don’t like to let out because it destroys their dangerous reputation. A number never killed anyone. Sure, there are plenty of stories of people keeling over from heart attacks in boardrooms and I’ve seen grown men cry at the sight of an ugly P & L (that’s number whisperer talk for Profit and Loss statement) but the numbers themselves have no power. They’re just like those rogue playing cards * in Alice’s dream.

Now What?

First, face those squishy uneasy feelings about money and finances. Next, wave a sparkly wand (you do have one, right?) to ward off the bad number juju. Then, take Taylor’s advice and go for help!

Text a friend, get a book, go online or call me – whatever it takes, start squeezing the information juice out of your numbers.  You can’t afford not to.

What’s your next step and how do you feel about it? Let me know in a note or the comments, your thoughts are important to me.

* Amazon affiliate link to a really neat illustrated deck of cards