Thinking bigity thoughts! 😲

New Year Greetings to You!

That went fast, didn’t it? Now that the holiday ornaments and decorations are packed away – mostly – I’m starting to think about what’s coming up in the new year. What about you – what are you thinking of starting or trying or learning in the coming months?

Bright and Happy – Just what we’re looking for!

I found Yvonne Morell (IG: @yvonne_morell_painting) and her upbeat work with a European sensibility and wanted to share the joy. Yvonne is Swiss and her work is open and inviting while having lots of depth and complexity. This class, Creatures with Character, featuring quirky animals especially tickled my fancy.


Weighty Thoughts and New Things Coming – Part 2

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been thinking about art and life and the world we’re in now and have come a little closer to the ideas I’ve been reaching for. I’d love to know what you think about creativity, art and how it’s being shaped (and squeezed out, I fear) by our increasingly fast and digital lives.

Drop me a note and tell me what’s up with you – I love hearing from you and answer every email so give it whirl!

You are amazing!


PS Did you get your Pumpkin zine? I’ve got a few left and am thinking about the next one already: they’re right here waiting for you!