Hi There!

How’s your creative practice going lately? All kinds of things can bump it around but don’t worry, creativity is resilient and even magic…

Still painting here! I was working on a series as part of the Art2Life CVP course (which I’ll talk more about when I’ve finished it and can give a thoughtful review) and finally just set it aside for a while. Technically, you could say I abandoned it but that sounds so harsh and I suspect I’ll eventually go back to them. Eventually…

Then There Was Magic!

BUT, the wonderous thing is that I was just playing around with some extra paper and painted a different series in a few days. It feels like it popped out of the air! While I know it didn’t because I’ve been preparing the ground with my creative practice, it still feels almost magical – like a gift!

They’re small-ish at roughly 9 x 12 inches mixed media on paper and are explorations of techniques and ideas that have been rolling around for a while. They sort of rolled up together here: circles/orbs, distressed surfaces, aged layers, isolated typography and muted colors. I’m working on a more introspective description of why these particular things are important to me and how to move forward with them.

Peek into the Studio – Work in Progress

Sometimes you just have to start over… In painting, writing, music – pretty much all art and life is a fluid process with room for change and new growth.

You might have seen these four painting starts (each 5 x 5 on panel) earlier but they are no more!

I saw how much better they could be if I went back and adjusted a few earlier steps. I wasn’t at all happy with the color of the watercolor ground and the drawings were tentative. So, I power sanded them back – it took less than 5 minutes!

This is where they are now with more layers. I’m still not sure about how they’ll go forward but I’m more excited to try and find out. There’s a bit of my own painted collage papers in there now. That’s given me an idea I want to try – so we’ll see…

Drop me a note and let me know what you’re doing – I love to hear from you and answer every email!

Shine Your Light!


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