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Human Art Matters!
This is NOT another post about AI art. It’s about what I’m going to do about it.

Artificial Intelligence products are turning creators’ lives, and livelihoods, inside out. Many people are writing intelligently about both sides of the issue and discussing how it already has, and may still, affect our world. I’m concerned about what AI generated art and its rapid proliferation is doing to our perception of art and creativity, particularly the value of created things.

I believe that human created work will always be valuable and utterly irreplaceable by AI or other artificial means of creation. Material generated completely artificially doesn’t have that all important humanity and seems intended to replace creators.

People will always gravitate to other people and art is a tangible form of humanity in the world. Art created by Human Intelligence is more compelling than Artificial Intelligence.

With that belief, I’m committed to putting real, human-created art into as many hands and lives as possible in whatever form that might take. It could be original art, prints, books, zines, stickers or any other product or format that will bring more art into the physical world. I’ll use any platform or outlet that looks useful from Etsy to Kickstarter to my newsletter (excluding social media products, as they’re as soulless as any AI). Plus, I’ll keep sharing my own creative process to keep the human part of creation in view and connect with the humanity and personhood of art.

I invite you to share this journey in valuing our collective creativity because human art matters. Let’s celebrate and support Human Intelligence art together!