Nobody puts Art in a corner! 💥

Hi There!

How are you? I hope you’ve been making things and being creative.

What’s up in the Studio

I’ve been experimenting with these mixed media panels by painting them with whatever paint is left from each session. I try to keep each one somewhat cohesive and they’re getting more interesting with each layer; I’ve even started sanding them back for more texture and complexity. I really don’t know how they’ll develop or where they’re going!

They’ll eventually be finished pieces – when I figure out how to complete them. For when I do get there, I’ve also been pondering some “what if” questions about ways to create mixed media and assemblage frames for them as well.

mixed media panels in progress

In another post, I talked about using watercolor with mixed media and got a few questions about that. So, I made a quick video showing a little more and which products I’m using. Here’s the Daniel Smith watercolor ground I’ve used but I make my own sometimes too – also discussed in the video.

Postcard Design Challenge – Send In Your Art!

I would LOVE to see your work in print! One of my creative hats is Editor of the Creatopia magazine and we’re hosting a reader gallery in the digital and print editions. All you have to do is create a postcard (or several!) and send it to the studio. Then, I’ll take care of the rest. Read more here – I’m watching the mailbox for your #happymail!

Did you know I answer messages? Just click here and try it out – I’d love to hear about what you’re working on or answer a question!

Shine Bright!


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