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A Sketchy Owl and New Year’s Changes

Screech Owl Sketch

First, I hope the New Year has started off well for everyone. It’s been good here and I’m trying some new things for the New Year.

I’ve set myself an intention (not a resolution or anything so formal or binding) to create a new work around once a month. Seems doable and it’s far less than I can accomplish – when I’m working. When I’m not, its way more. So, maybe it will average out.

If you’re on my email list, you’ve seen some posts come in with prints in my Etsy shop. That’s because I set up a system to post those here. It’s still in the “seeing how it goes phase” for now. I’d like to share new works a little more regularly and that’s the place I’m most reliable about posting. The downside is it may pick up duplicates occasionally and it doesn’t include how-to and behind the scenes articles. So, it’s a work in process – let me know how it’s working for you too …

Next, with this new intention to make more traditional art, I realized my drawing skills were getting a little rusty, so I sat down Sunday afternoon and sketched this little Eastern Screech Owl. It’s barely finished and the only thing on the page – for now. (I got new sketch books for Christmas.)

The funny thing about this drawing was I got the forward side of the face and head in one go – the eye the beak, the ear – all of it. Then the far side was just wonky and didn’t seem to want to straighten out. It took a bit but then I realized that because of the angle (it’s an extreme three-quarter view) the forward side is so dominant it was interfering with how I was seeing the far side proportion. I covered up the front half of the reference and my drawing and – presto! There it is.

I almost picked up some colored pencils but then reminded myself it’s just a sketch and it served its purpose. What’s in your sketchbook and on your list for the coming year?


PS Did you know I answer every single email? Every. Single. One. So drop me a note or leave a comment and find out…

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Raw Art – Come Journaling Along


If you’re reading this in an email, thank you! As I’ve been sorting through my creative selves, it’s become obvious that my art and pattern design needs its own separate home here at If you’re subscribed to receive email notices of posts about art and the creative life, that’s exactly what you’ll get on the same semi infrequent basis as always.

For those of you who signed up for business writing, that’s now over at Shiny (with an all new eye-popping design with a pink rabbit) so please head on over there and sign up. I hope you’ll stay with me here too because it all comes from the same creative well.

Create for Yourself

How long has it been since you made art just for yourself? For some of us, the answer is too long. My friend from Wholly Piecemeal mentioned this book: Raw Art Journaling. Continue reading Raw Art – Come Journaling Along

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Splashy Modified Contour Drawings

My friend, a lovely neighbor and ikebana artist, was lamenting her drawing skills so I was all “Do the exercises in “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”* and then realized I haven’t done it myself in a long time. Since I’ve been feeling an urge to do something more free form and direct and after telling her that, I had to take my own advice! Continue reading Splashy Modified Contour Drawings