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UltraViolet Update – Guest Curator Wholly Piecemeal’s Shiny Picks

Check out these fabulous UltraViolet finds from Carolyn Hawkins of Wholly Piecemeal. For more UltraViolet goodness, download your absolutely free copy of the UltraViolet Look Book.

So Swoon Worthy! This tufted chaise in deep amethyst is style and art in one!

Pretty in Purple and Pink! Define a colorful new space in your home.

Make an artful table! All colors are welcome – especially lavender – in this pretty set of plates.

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What the Heck is This? The Answer and the Winner of the Digital Altered Art Cards

A Budding Pineapple

It’s a pineapple!


Last week I posted that I was feeling both generous and sneaky but it looks like I’m not going to end up doing very well at either (sigh.)

The observant and brave Lorraine was the only one to venture an answer and she was spot on. So, she’s going to get a copy of my limited edition digital collection as a prize.

Printable Tags – Honey Bees

Apparently, I wasn’t sneaky enough with my top-down view of the budding pineapple nor am I going to be able to give away more of the artwork. Now, if anyone has an idea to help me give away a few more of these printable tags, I’m all ears!

Congratulations Lorraine and thank you kindly for playing along – Enjoy your digital cards!

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What is This? Guess and Get a Free Original Art Digital Collection

What is This?

I’m feeling generous and a little sneaky today so here’s the game:

Guess what this plant is growing in my yard and get a gift of a limited edition digital collection: French Country Style Honey Bee tags. These tags are from my personal collection, are only available here and won’t be sold. So, the only way to get them is to figure out what the heck is this thing!

Original Digital Printable Tags (click to open larger view)

Three Hints

  • It’s a plant
  • It’s edible
  • I live in East Central Florida in USDA hardiness zone 9B (give or take- it’s more like Zone 10 in a lot of ways)

The Details

All you have to do is comment with your guess. You can answer as many times as you like and any correct (or sort of correct – I said I was feeling generous, after all) answer will count. The game will run until Friday, September 7. Then I’ll post the answer and we’ll see how sneaky I managed to be!

The Honey Bee Original Artwork

These tags are original digital printable tags made from my own watercolors and other components. You’re free to use them as you want for personal and limited commercial uses. You can read the license here (it’s the same as the Halloween Tags) and your printable copy won’t have the watermark or the background. If you’re interested in creating something of your own, here’s the original digital collection.

The paintings are watercolor on cold press with a limited palette of yellow ocher, burnt sienna and Mars Black. Again, that’s based on the Old Masters palette from Nita Leland’s Exploring Color. I really like that color palette with the addition of the Mars Black – so subtle and rich!

So, let’s get started – What the Heck is This?

What is This?



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Flowers and Food – A Day in May

Here’s what caught my eye this morning in the yard and garden (the yard-en, perhaps?)

Red Geranium
These geraniums are from a day or two ago but they’re so enthusiastic, I had to include them. The plant is several years old and is in a worn-out galvanized metal bucket that I drilled a few holes in to use as a planter. It’s time to repot.
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